Combo Units

Combo units provide the ultimate party experience by combining the fun of a moon bounce with the excitement of a slide. Some of them even contain fun obstacles inside, as well as a basketball hoop!

3-in-1 combos are a step up from our standard moon bounces! These units contain an interior jumping area, a climber, and a slide.

4-in-1 combos offer four different activities for endless hours of action. Each unit has a large interior jumping area, a basketball hoop, a climb to conquer, with a fun and fast slide – plenty of entertainment for even the most energetic child!

5-in-1 combos serve up a five-challenge moon bounce of entertainment! A jump area with basketball hoop and obstacles are vital attractions, while continuous movers can climb and slide for hours on end. These versatile moon bounces are ideal for backyard parties, recreational events, or your next gathering.

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